Exits and Investments @ 4th Angel Fair Africa

Nairobi, Kenya — 8th November 2016

All is set for the 4th Angel Fair Africa from 10th to 11th November 2016 at the Intercontinental Hotel where 43 selected investors and 20 curated entrepreneurs will meet to do deals. Last year’s event resulted in $20.3M worth of deals and this year’s which is featuring multiple exit entrepreneurs and funds promises to be exceptional.

Kenyan entrepreneurs who have built and exited amazing global companies will share their experiences. Njeri Rionge, a first generation Internet pioneer who co-founded Wananchi and exited to East Africa Capital Partners and second generation entrepreneurs; Hilda Moraa who started Weza Tele and sold to AFB for $1.7M and Munyutu Waigu who built Rupu and sold to Ringer AG would constitute the exits panel on the 1st day moderated by Heath Arensen of Invested Development.

On the second day, multi-exits entrepreneur, Chinedu Echeruo who sold Tripology to USA Today and Hopstop to Apple and then co-founded Constant Capital based in New York will share the exits panel with Job Muriuki, Director of Centum Capital, architect of the UAP exit and Yossi Hasson who sold SYNAQ to Dimension Data and now runs TechStars — their stories would serve as motivation for more of such deals.

The investors panel for the second day will have Olive Gachara, publisher and investor; Nyokabi Manguyu, advisor to Chandaria Capital; Wim van der Beek, managing partner of Goodwell Investments and Wale Ayeni, Senior Investment Officer of the International Finance Corporation (IFC). These investors will discuss how they are investing and growing their current portfolios towards exit.

“It’s a good time to build a tech company in Kenya, where businesses look for digital tools to add value to their company, and where consumers have more disposable income to use what we build. For tech companies trying to scale across the continent, there is a growing amount of investment capital available, which wasn’t always the case.” noted Erik Hersman, CEO of BRCK who is on the entrepreneurs panel for the second day.

Njeri Rionge said, “Entrepreneurs scaling businesses across Africa is paramount now as the Pan African agenda continues during the AU political discourse of open borders and free trade. I encourage entrepreneurs and founders to know when to exit whilst they are ahead but also mitigate inherent risks during the succession planning process.”

“Exiting your business (in most cases) is a marathon and not a sprint. You’ve got to be working on your business, strengthening it and getting it exit-ready, long before you think you’ll actually exit.” Observed Yossi Hossan, MD of Techstars.

Hilda Moraa, Ex-CEO of Weza Tele noted “We need more local companies to think of IPOs by aiming to build million dollar businesses. Its possible, if only we start investing in our own and give them authentic support in the ecosystem”

Finally, “Translating years of hard work in the form of well executed business plans into realized cash through a well timed, well priced exit is the true litmus test of an astute investor. No one ever went bankrupt by realizing profits.” observed Job Muriuki, Director of Centum Capital.



Angel Fair Africa is an event that brings together accelerators, incubators and emerging businesses from across the African continent and investors to do deals. More @ www.angelfairafrica.com; contact — info@angelfairafrica.com

Angel Fair Africa brings together emerging businesses from across Africa and Investors to DO DEALS!

Angel Fair Africa brings together emerging businesses from across Africa and Investors to DO DEALS!