Curated Entrepreneurs @ 4th Angel Fair Africa

Nairobi, Kenya — 2nd November 2016

Angel Fair Africa is pleased to announce the entrepreneurs that will pitch from the 10th to 11th November 2016 at the Intercontinental Hotel. Rita Kimani of Farm Drive, Kenya; Tito Munhequete of Izy Shop, Mozambique, Ugwem Eneyo of Solstice, Nigeria; Josephat Mandara of TIME Tickets, Tanzania and Joanna Bichsel of Kasha, Rwanda. These are just some of the 20-curated startups and scaleups from 8 African countries selected through a continent wide effort to identify high impact and potential entrepreneurs.

These entrepreneurs will pitch their businesses in a storytelling format in a way that can connect directly with the investors. On the first day the startups that will be featured are pre-revenue whilst those on the second day will be scaleups with revenue and raising their second or third round of capital.

The entrepreneurs will gain inspiration and leverage from other successful businesses some of who have participated in previous events. These entrepreneurs would share their experiences on building their companies, putting together their founding team as well as key successes and challenges. The panel of entrepreneurs will include Caitlin Dolkart of Flare, Andrew Airelobhegbe of OgaVenue, Eva Muraya of BDS Group, Erik Hersman of BRCK and Selorm Brantie of mPedigree (CNBC Africa Innovation Winner 2016).

“Africa is in urgent need of real mentoring from experienced “fathers” and “mothers” and it is time we rose up to that role. Many opportunities are presenting themselves across Africa and if we do not guide the young people then we will have failed as a continent. This is why I am at the forefront when it comes to mentoring and investing in the young people of Africa.” said Dr. Chris Kirubi who will open the event in a keynote fireside chat facilitated by Aprelle Duany of

Tim Draper, Founding Partner of Draper Associates who will be keynoting the second day of the event by video observed that “Africa shows promise to be the economic growth jewel of the next 20 years. As people become more mobile and connected, leaders will have to compete for the businesses and capital of the world, and Africans will benefit. As African countries become more free market and democratic, the people will become more entrepreneurial and the continent can take advantage of the breakthroughs in bitcoin, blockchain, drone delivery, stem cells, drug design, digital signatures, digital voting, digital identity and new efficient (virtual) forms of government that have not been available until recently. Entrepreneurship in Africa is here to stay.”

Dave McClure who will deliver the closing keynote says “Wait until companies have an initial prototype, have shown that they have the potential to be profitable and have the ability to scale. That’s the best time to invest.” Well, “the African startups have gone pass this, which is why, I am investing here and excited to be speaking at the event — come and lets hangout.”



Angel Fair Africa is an event that brings together accelerators, incubators and emerging businesses from across the African continent and investors to do deals. More @; contact —

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Angel Fair Africa brings together emerging businesses from across Africa and Investors to DO DEALS!

Angel Fair Africa brings together emerging businesses from across Africa and Investors to DO DEALS!